10 Relaxing Tips for Brides

So your engaged and planning the wedding of your dreams! Maybe you’ve finally found the perfect venue that fits your budget and your vision. Or you’ve visited 20 bridal boutiques just hoping to finally say YES to the dress! This is a special time in your life. A time for dreams. A time for fairy tales. A time for romance. But with all the planning and the excitement it can easily become overwhelming and stressful. That’s why it’s so important to take time for some self-love in between everything else. Here are just 10 ideas of things you can do.


Disconnect from electronics, pour yourself a glass of wine (Or tea depending on your preference) and curl up with a good book. Maybe it’s the latest steamy romance novel or a murder mystery. You could even join a book club and read the latest motivational book. Whatever it may be it’s a great way to decompress losing yourself in another world


This is a great opportunity to indulge in something new. And there’s nothing more luxurious than having someone pamper you. Maybe you can even try something unique like the Turquoise Sage Stone Massage that the Arizona Biltmore Spa specializes in ( 602-955-6600 it runs $235 for an 80 minute treatment) or the Orange Blossom Body Buff that Alvadora Spa at Royal Palms offers ( it runs $165 602-283-1234). Need more budget friendly options? Look into Spa Lamar ( 480-945-7066), or Massage Envy ( 602-468-3689).


There is nothing more relaxing than putting all your thoughts down on paper. You could write about your day, write a new story, make a bucket list of things you’d like to accomplish, write a poem or you can even find wedding specific journals that provide prompts to help guide you in creating a written account of this special and important time.


Grab a couple blankets, a star map, maybe a mug of hot cocoa and your hubby to be. Lay on the ground and take turns finding constellations. If you get cold have a drink and cuddle.


Take a day off work, put on your favorite PJs and binge-watch your favorite show. (Vampire Diaries anyone?) Game of Thrones is starting soon as well. No judgements if you end up watching a whole season in a day!


Turn on your favorite play list and dance it out. It will relax you, make you smile and lighten your mood. It also could be a great excuse for a girl’s night in! DIY Masks and a dance party anyone? (FYI Greek Yogurt is an AMAZING mask)


Sign up for a Yoga class or better yet a membership to a local yoga studio. Not only will it help relax you but it’s a great workout and will help make you a bit more flexible which could definitely be a perk during the honeymoon! If you can’t afford a membership check out some Yoga DVDs. One of my favorites is the A.M and P.M Yoga for Beginners.


Take the time to relax by the pool. Bring a big bottle of water, sunscreen and your favorite book and playlist to enjoy some much needed sunshine and relaxation. Just be careful you don’t relax so much you fall asleep in the sun!


This is one of my favorites! Maybe it’s a new town, or a historical location or even a cool trail this is a great time to disconnect with electronics and focus on each other. There are so many incredible places to explore in Arizona!


Many of the local museums offer free days or you can get a culture pass from the public library that entitles you to 2 free tickets to several local museums. The Musical Museum introduces you to lots of different instruments. Some of them incredibly unique. The Desert Botanical Gardens is amazingly gorgeous and a great place to view native Arizonian plans and animals. Visit in the spring to see all the cactus blossoms in bloom. Even though the Phoenix Science Center is made for kids they offer several unique exhibits geared towards adults and even monthly date nights.

Hopefully one or more of these options will help you relax before your big day! Remember this time is all about you and celebrating your love.

XOXO Jaune

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